We understand that every patient’s budget and financial situation is unique. We want to make obtaining quality orthodontic care stress free and easy. That’s why we offer flexible terms that fit your unique situation. Give us a call and let’s discuss how we can make a plan that works for you. If you would like to make a payment or have a question about a bill you’ve received, please give us a call.


We care about more than just providing our patients with excellent orthodontic treatment. Part of our mission in serving our patients well involves making their lives easier. We know that reducing the financial tensions involved with paying for treatment is part of that. We desire to be flexible and want the process to be stress free and easy, so that our patients can simply focus on enjoying the creation of their new, life changing smile.

Down Payments

Adjustable Down Payments That Don’t Get In The Way Of The Treatment You Want
We offer adjustable down payments because we know everyone’s financial situation is unique. We strive to make braces affordable for you and your family and don’t want a down payment to get in the way! Some patients choose to pay for their treatment in full and can receive a discount.

Monthly Payments

Monthly Payments That Make Braces Affordable
Braces do not have to be a financial burden. We know affordable monthly payments are important to our patients so that when you’re in treatment, paying for it doesn’t have to be a burden and cause stress.

Payment Periods

Extended Payment Periods That Make Sense
Many of our patients pay for their treatment over the course of months or even years. Some orthodontic treatment may not take as long as others. For those who will be in treatment for a shorter period of time, we can customize a solution for your financial needs and provide extended financing beyond your treatment time which can help to lower your monthly payments!