Traditional braces are growing in popularity thanks to improvements in comfort and treatment time.
With visible improvements in shorter periods of time, treatments for metal and clear braces have increased due to improvements in visibility, irritation and comfort.


When partnering with your orthodontist, traditional braces are a great option to craft the perfect smile just for you. With braces, an optimal position is targeted for each individual tooth, allowing improvements in gaps and strengthening to happen in a shorter period of time. Sleeker brackets, along with lighter wires, have improved comfort and made braces the choice of celebrities and students alike for their orthodontic care.


A quick, digital x-ray will allow us to customize a solution to determine the optimal shift for each individual tooth to find their best positioning. Once a treatment plan is in place, Dr. Harmony will place the brackets on each tooth based on their unique needs. From there, the wire will be inserted and different bends will be created to create various pressure points on the teeth which assist in the straightening process.


Metal braces have the option for customized color palettes to show off unique personality and style. Many patients also prefer the option of clear braces to minimize their aesthetic. These braces are completely clear, made of ceramic and are treated to resist staining for the duration of treatment. A retainer is typically prescribed at the end of treatment to assist in preventing the natural shifting of teeth to their old positions.


While visible improvement can happen in a short period, patients spend on average anywhere from 18-22 months in treatment. The time varies due to the custom nature of the solution as every patient’s composition is different at commencement.

The cost of perfecting a smile has a lifetime of return.

At Harmony Orthodontics, we make sure that the last thing standing in between you and an amazing smile is cost.


During your free consultation, our dedicated finance coordinator will work with you to determine what the best insurance or payment plan is for you or your child’s situation.


If your insurance does not cover orthodontic treatments, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We offer flexible financing solutions that include a variety of interest free and low down payment options.


For those who desire to pay their treatment off in one lump sum, we are proud to offer discounted rates. To find out more about what is best for you, contact us today to schedule your free consultation.

Happily improving the lives of adults and kids, one smile at a time.